EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it!


Busy as the Bees here at OVM!

Our writers have been super busy the past couple of months writing their articles for our first issue coming out this summer. The release is fast approaching, with only a very short two and a half weeks away from being released to the public! Here is a sneak peak of some of the mags spreads.

Look forward to these articles, recipes and much more!

  • Ontario Farmers’ Markets
  • Featured Foodie: Sam Turnbull, It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken
  • What to Pack for a Vegan Camping Trip with Recipes
  • Vegan Travel! First Stop: Peru
  • The 411: People to Follow, Websites to Visit and Phone Apps to Use
  • Ontario’s Seasonal Produce
  • Sushi Recipe
  • Ontario’s Animal Sanctuaries
  • Debunking the Myths Around Soy & Protein
  • Vegan Pregnancy & Raising Vegan Kids 101
  • Featured Lifestyle Blogger: Amber Allen, The Fairly Local Vegan
  • Road Trip Worthy Festivals & Events
  • S’more Cookie Nice Cream Recipe
  • Ontario’s Vegan Cheese Artisans
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