Serving Up Cultural Shift in the Forest City

Making waves on the vegan scene in London Ontario, The Plant Matter Food family of restaurants, including Plant Matter Kitchen, Plant Matter Bistro, and Plant Matter Cafe serve plant-based, whole food meals made from locally sourced food in a variety of styles ranging from grab-and-go snacks to high-end fine dining.

From Plant Matter Kitchen’s grand opening in August 2016 to opening a plant-based cafe in 2018, the Plant Matter Food team have been cultivating support for and growing understanding of the vegan movement in London.

“People are noticing the change,” says Glenn Whitehead, owner of all three Plant Matter restaurants. “There is something happening right now, a social revolution. Once you tune into this conversation, you start to notice it happening all around you.”

Aside from serving delicious vegan food for brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert, for Whitehead, adhering to environmental stewardship in all aspects of the restaurant’s operations, including running the kitchens on Bullfrog Power, composting, and using reverse osmosis water systems for all the restaurants’ water needs complements plant-based food culture and supports the restaurant’s overall mission.

“It’s important that the energy that goes into the creation, handling, and preparation of the food is considered as a critical part of the ingredients. When you’re using sustainable energy that’s less harmful, that’s committed to a greener world, it aligns with a harm-free approach and creates a healthier experience for everyone.”

Whether it’s advocating for social justice movements, hosting guest speakers, partnering with other businesses who actively contribute to sustainable food practices, or being present at local events, pairing plant-based dining with sustainable ethical and cultural practices has helped the Plant Matter Family of restaurants put vegan food culture on the map in London, Ontario.


Hosting an event and hoping to serve quality vegan food to your guests? The Plant Matter Family is here to help! Sister restaurants Plant Matter Kitchen and Plant Matter Bistro both offer catering services for all your special occasions. Email for their catering menu that’s entirely vegan and entirely organic.

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