20% OFF when you Pre-order the Spring Issue by March 17th!

Some Articles and Recipes in the Spring Issue are:

  • RECIPE: Tomato Lox on Stokes Creamy Chive Cashew Cheese
  • Spring Clean Your Life!
  • RECIPE: Fresh Spring Power Bowl
  • Vegan Trendspotting
  • RECIPE: Key Lime Bars
  • Vegan Food Tours
  • RECIPE: Energy Trail Mix
  • How to Make Quick and Easy Salads, That Aren’t Boring
  • RECIPE: Oat Meatballs
  • Featured Activist: Kaiha Jaaj, 11 years old
  • Featured Health Transformation: Sarah Nicole, The Birds Papaya
  • Featured Foodie: Lisa Le, The Viet Vegan
  • Featured Vegan Lifestyle Influencer: Candice Hutchings, EdgyVeg
  • Featured Chef: Margie Cook, Il Fornello
  • Featured Business: Jewels By SJB
  • Featured Entrepreneur: Veronika Simmons, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ontario Vegans Magazine, Founder of OVM’s Publisher Simcom Group, Founder of the vegan Airbnb Burlington Retreat and Co-Founder of Burlington VegFest.
  • and so much more!

Remember to use promo code SPRING20 and receive 20% OFF when you Pre-order the Spring issue of OVM by March 17th! Good for the single issue or the whole year’s subscription, print or digital!


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